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Music by Eric Bay Andersen

Lyrics by Hannah Tyley & Eric Bay Andersen

Remember, I remember

How we spent the days, the days in bliss

We were so free, free of pain and cruelty

Why I loved you, I wish I knew

It was so real, so unreal

Been there, I wish I'd been there

When you needed, you needed me

I could have helped, helped you find your true self

Someone I've met, but you haven't yet

Maybe someday, someday soon


Music by Eric Bay Andersen
Lyrics by Lara Lynn Hixon & Eric Bay Andersen


They say this road leads to salvation

But who knows if it will?

I'm paralysed by doubt

And the indecision leaves me standing still

I know I can't stay here forever

Is it just fear that's holding me back?

When the end feels close at hand

The colours seem to fade to black

What if I should leap into that wide open space?

Will I crash and burn and be left all alone?

Or be swept up on the wings of grace?

What if I get overwhelmed by my memories and deep regrets?

If I'm falling and I see you below

I just hope I land in your arms like a safety net

You see me smiling every day

But wars are raging in my head

Do I seek a side to join?

Or do I choose to fight alone instead?

Walking this fragile tightrope

Between sane and unwell

Yearning to reach for your hand

But frozen and scared, scared as hell


Please catch me, I'm falling

I need a safe place to land

I can feel myself slipping, baby

Reach out for my hand

Please catch me, I'm falling, falling, falling


Music & Lyrics by Munindran Vasuthavan & Eric Bay Andersen

27-4-77 - she said the words to me at 9:47
27-4-77 - she said the words to me, and all of a sudden

I knew what she was trying to say
'Cause I had been waiting for all these days
She said it at last

Her joy and happiness was clear as could be
When I said back to her what she said to me

When we were united as one
We had the strength to take on anyone who stood in our way

We came from different worlds
But we hoped that there would be
A little corner we could call our own
Where they would let us be
We travelled so far
I will never understand
In a world where love is so hard to find
Who would wish for it to end?

Everybody said it wasn't to be
And we were the only ones who didn't agree

But we held on as long as we could
'Cause we knew that we had found something good
But it couldn't last


27-4-77 - she said the words to me, and I was in heaven



Music by Eric Bay-Andersen
Lyrics by Sam Long & Eric Bay Andersen


How slow the fog rolls in

Sounds of the night begin

I kicked an empty can down a long and lonely road

Past boarded windows

A neon sign glows

Ten dollar cover at the Lonesome Lounge tonight

In a back-street dive an angel cries

But she shines while on the stage

When she sings her sad songs

The cold fog rolls away

I'll be watching from my table-for-one

If you ever need convincing

That there's still some beauty

In this world just listen to her sing

Old souls they sound so fine

It gets me every time

I can hear her singing almost everywhere I go

What am I looking for?

Could be behind that door

I just know it's something that I really need to find

In a back-street dive my angel resides

At my table is where you'll find me

But there are still some seats left

For the midnight show, so come join me

For when she arrives on stage tonight

With the spotlight like a halo

You'll believe in beauty

A little more with every single note

She awaits me at the end of a lonely road

She awaits me at the end of a lonely road

She awaits me at the end of a lonely road

She awaits me nightly and I've got a place to go

She awaits me at the end of a lonely road

She awaits me at the end of a lonely road

She awaits me nightly and I've got a place to go

She awaits me at the end of a lonely road


Music & Lyrics by Fady El Hachem & Eric Bay Andersen


I don't really know what to say

You were hanging around with me

When I saw the light for the first time

You've been messing with my mind

I've poured myself a glass of wine

And I want you to come over

But hurry, 'cause I won't stay sober

When the night falls, I just stumble

I think about the women who have been in my bedroom

And when they close the door my heart crumbles

Makes me question everything I thought I knew

Paper cuts from letters on the table

You were never quite sure if our feelings were stable

I smelled your perfume in the air

Then I saw you standing there

And in the blink of an eye things were changing

I had to free my memories

Say goodbye to what used to be

So you and me could start over

And suddenly I don't feel sober


When the night falls the rules can bend

When the night falls our hearts can mend

When the night falls we let the light in

And that's when good things can begin



Music by Eric Bay Andersen & Anders Bay Jensen
Lyrics by Eric Bay Andersen

Safe, safe and secure now
There's a way, but I'm not sure I know how

Yet it feels so right

Yeah, it feels so nice
And it reminds me of a time

When I was halfway to paradise

I'm out to play
Been on the bench for long enough

Today's the day
It's time to show them 
what I'm made of

Run, when you meet a catch you can't lose

But I am done, I've met my match and it's you



So it's as you say, we all play a part

First base isn't all the way, but it's a start

When they call your name, then the pressure's on

Losers run away, but I say “bring it on”

That's how winning is done





Music by Gene Rowan

Lyrics by Eric Bay Andersen


Don't take this the wrong way
But I don't understand how you can say
That you don't need to understand me
To disagree with me in such a violent way
But that's the way it is nowadays

Get out of my head now
'Cause that's where I'm at peace
And I'm allowed to have that safe space
Somewhere I can be
When from the left and from the right I hear them shout
Why can't they cancel each other out?

Turn it off, that's what I said
Don't believe what you have read
I don't care what you say you have heard
Don't believe a single word
Turn off the record, baby

All I'm hearing is hearsay
And, dare I say it, lies
I'm not surprised it's turned out this way
Still it's hardly fair
How you've declared yourself the judge and jury too
Well, who's gonna execute me – you?

Turn it off, that's what I said
Don't believe what you have read
I don't care what you say you have heard
Don't believe a word



Music & Lyrics by Eric Bay Andersen & Allison Leah



Thought I saw you walking down the street

But I can't be sure

'Cause we need to keep our distance

Been so long, feels like I'm losing touch

But it's temporary - least I hope it is

How much longer will we play pretend?

Will it ever be the same again?

In a hundred years they'll look back on this and wonder
Just what were they thinking at the time?

In a hundred years they'll look back and ask

How could you believe you were doing what was right?

Water's rising as the seasons change

But we act the same

Just pretend that it's not real and move along

I can't breathe outside, it's like the air's on fire

And it's getting dark


Bridges are burning, if we don't start learning

The problems we're facing will just keep returning



Music by Eric Bay Andersen
Lyrics by Sebastian Briggs

Sitting lonely on this dusty shelf
Watch the world pass behind glass
Wish I knew how it felt to be a part of the world
And not some unplayed toy

My parts are used, my stitches old
But they are filled with stories that go left untold
Wish I knew how to make someone stay and play with me

Feel like I'm stuck here in limbo
Mindlessly waiting in the window  
Where everything comes and it goes
Somewhere I know, good things are waiting for me

One day my world will change, I know
Can't keep wishing on stars
For all I know they long burnt out, maybe years ago
And I won't let it burn out in me
One day my strings will be cut, I know
This stranglehold, I will overthrow  
For once in my life, out those doors, I'll be free

Come back down to reality
Countless hopes and dreams, God, how to let it be
Back on the shelf I guess is the life for me

I'll write this song let it give a glimmer of hope
To get me through days when they pass without a poke
Wish I knew how to make myself shiny again





Music by Eric Bay Andersen & Stefanie Drexler
Lyrics by Eric Bay Andersen

If I see on TV a new episode of my favourite show
Then you know I'm gonna watch it ASAP

If I spot on the shelf a collectible that I don't have yet
You can bet I'm gonna get that thing for myself

I get it may not be your cup of tea
And to hear me drone on ain't exactly a turn-on, but...

How can this be a guilty pleasure
If I don't feel guilty and I never have
So tell me why should I feel embarrassed
When all I want to do is embrace it

If a band I'm a fan of comes along with a brand new tune
Very soon you know it's gonna be my new jam

If a game that I played as a little child gets a HD remake
Then on release day I'll be the first one in line

I get it may not be your cup of tea
And to hear me drone on ain't exactly a turn-on

The night I discovered other people who feel the same as I do
People who love what I love
And feel no shame inside, I knew
I had found
the home I'd been searching for for so long


Embrace it, yeah



Music & Lyrics by Eric Bay Andersen & Ty Simpson


All I need to do is fix the world for you

And chase desire as it enters your mind

I can't anticipate what you will crave today

But I know there won't be reason or rhyme

Your time has come again

You yearn and twist and turn and then...

Suddenly everything is alright with the world

It all revolves around you

Like it's supposed to

Suddenly everything makes sense once again

You got what you were after

Now nothing else matters

And though I hope to be one of the things you need

It seems that I am just a means to an end

And I might fantasize of running from your side

But we both know that I'm a slave to your whims




Music by Lydia Andersen & Eric Bay Andersen
Lyrics by Eric Bay Andersen


Pledge to me that you'll be there

When I'm reaching out for help

Are you the answer to all my prayers?
No, you're not – you're something else

Words I thought were set in stone

Are more like footsteps in the sand

They'll never see it unless they're shown

Stories change, they never end

All these things I wish I'd known

Wish I knew them way back then

In our naivety we thought it would be simple and easy

How dumb were we?

In our naivety we thought it would be simple and easy

How dumb were we?

We're living proof that ignorance is bliss

And it doesn't get better than this

I'd be lying if I were to say

I'm exactly where I thought I would be today

But every obstacle, every twist and turn

Was a blessing in disguise, a lesson to be learned

Failure makes you humble

Rejection makes you strong

What you are is wonderful

Time will prove them wrong


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