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The Yellow Umbrella


This song was inspired by the sitcom "How I Met Your Mother", which I've always been a fan of. I recorded it  in the autumn of 2012 when I was recording my EP "Four Sided" and I released it as a stand-alone single in October. At the time it was my hope to get it played in the show's final episode - I asked my fans on Twitter to share the song with the show's cast and crew, and they were incredibly supportive.

Even though the song didn't end up being used on the show (that was always a long shot), very soon after I uploaded it, Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (the creators of the show) contacted me on Twitter to let me know they had heard the song and really liked it, which was pretty cool.

I don't regret recording the song - I'm very proud of it, it helped me get a lot more fans and followers on Twitter, the video has had ten of thousands of views, and even if you're not familiar with the show I think the song can be enjoyed on its own terms. Above is the video I made to accompany the song (clips from the show, and me trying to get people to share it)

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