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Single 1 - I Hate Thursdays.jpg

I Hate Thursdays


This technically wasn't a single - it was a one-off track I recorded so that I had a free song to offer people as a thank-you when they followed me on Twitter (there are so many singers/bands on the internet all vying for attention, so it's always a good idea to offer people something for free to hook them in and make discovering your music easy).

I chose this song as the free giveaway because it's witty, bouncy and different - for a lot of people this song would be their first impression of me and my music, so I wanted to show that as well as doing love songs, rock songs and sad songs, I could also do fun songs. However, the process of recording this song wasn't terribly fun - if you watch the  first 'Making of the Album' video on the "The World Through A Mirror" section of the site, you'll see that I was quite ill during one of the recording sessions, and the song took quite a while to get right.

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