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Don't Worry About It

This was the first single from my album "The World Through A Mirror". I chose it because it's a fun, upbeat, sing-along track that would hopefully catch people's attention the first time they heard it. Since I didn't have anyone to help me promote the single I had to do everything myself - luckily, through local radio stations and connections I had made on Twitter I managed to get some airplay (although not much).

I realise now that having a music video to accompany the single release would have helped a lot, and although I started making one at the time (back in November 2011), my goal of having the album recorded and released before Christmas meant that I simply didnt have enough time to finish the video too (although I admit, there was also a fair bit of procrastination involved). It took a year and a half for me to finally finish the music video, and you can see the final result above.

The only bit of the video that was actually filmed before the single was released is the footage of me riding the Saw ride at Thorpe Park - the picture on the single's cover is taken from that clip, which appears 2 minutes, 18 seconds in. Everything else was shot in 2013, including the clips where I'm riding other rides at Thorpe Park (I wore the same clothes to make it look like it was all shot on the same day, but if you look closely youll notice my hair is longer in the more recent footage). The rest was shot in various locations - London, Brighton beach/pier, a local park, my local gym, and at a couple of shots were done at home.

I tried to make the video fun and amusing, and although I'm proud of it, the next music video I do will be a lot simpler - all those fancy transitions and split-screen effects were a nightmare to edit!



Same Time Tomorrow Night

I recorded a B-side to accompany the single called "Same Time Tomorrow Night", which is a song about being stuck in a pattern of lonely nights (it's as if I felt I had to balance a happy A-side with a sad B-side!). For the song we went for a kind of gothic piano and strings arrangment, with some ghost-like vocal effects too. You can find out more about this song on the third 'Making of the Album' video, which you can watch on the "The World Through A Mirror" section of the site.


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