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"Change" was the third and final single from "The World Through A Mirror", and it was released on iTunes on March 23rd 2015, three and a half years after the album came out.


I always intended to release three singles from the album, and I always intended this to be one of them, but I put off releasing it for quite a while because I couldn't come up with a good idea for the music video (and I wanted to continue the tradition of having the single's cover be a screencap taken from the video.)

Eventually I came up with an idea that required no filming whatsoever - just edit together a bunch of footage of me when I was a kid (to show how much I've changed - get it? Yeah, I'm clever like that). Even though it was time-consuming to go through all our old home movies in search of clips, this was still by far the easiest music video I've made yet. Plus, it gave me an oppertunity to finally share with you the footage of me dancing along to Michael Jackson as a two-year-old that I've mentioned in my bio for years! Enjoy the music (and the cuteness)!


You Can't Be Bad

This is the b-side of 'Change' - an encouragement to every nice person out there who imagines that being bad might be more fun to stay good, because the world needs more people like that! This is one of the few songs I've done where we went for non-realistic-sounding drums, to purposefully give it a
very 'poppy' feel. We also layered it with lots of keyboards and harmonies to give it a rich, full sound.


Fun fact: the middle 8 melody is taken from the chorus of a song I wrote years ago for a musical that I never finished (and the bridge of that song became the middle 8 of "Safety Net Sue" on the "Fun Sized EP").

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