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Time moves on

It's about the only thing that you can depend on

Change - we all change

It may happen overnight

Or slowly through the days


So why do you cry?

If you can keep what's best

And let time change the rest


Don't run from change, 'cause you'll never make it far, no

Change has made you who you are

'Cause I like who you are now, and who you were before

And I like who you're becoming even more


You - you can hide

Go against the flow, swim against the tide

Change will come around

You can try and run, but it'll track you down








Contemplating a crime
But you don't have the time to plan it well
Isn't it sad?
You can't even be bad when it's hypothetical

Tired of being so nice
You wish you had a vice, a secret sin
But it's a virtue
Did no one ever tell you that being good's a good thing?

You're among those without the selfish gene
And that's a very short list
And your obscene side, it has never been seen
Because it doesn't exist

Just face it, you're a saint
Think bad is good? It ain't, so don't complain
What you see as a flaw is something I'm in awe of every day
Is there nothing I can do

To make it clear that you should never change?

I don't know why you're ashamed
Your perfect kind of strange is all too rare
And I'm amazed that people so rarely praise it
But that's just the way they are

You're so much better than them
That's what I tell you when you feel like this
Don't be so blue
There's not a bad bone in you, so don't pretend there is

And stop pretending you're a rebel with a cause
That routine is getting old
Why not rebel against the rebels
By doing what you're told?



Middle 8
Too perfect, no conflict
It's making you crazy
In need of some kind of break
Don't know if it will take much more before you snap



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