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Here are the lyrics/transcripts of my Comedy songs (which you can hear on my Comedy Soundcloud, or the Comedy section of the Music tab)

1. Play Something (Parody of 'Say Something' by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera)

2. Tijuana Outlaws (Apologies To My Mexican Friends)




People, for some reason, like this song
And it's not my place to say their taste is wrong
But I prefer tunes with stuff going on
Songs that don't feel several decades long

And I am feeling so bored
Just sitting here pounding
These four fucking chords

This piano is all that is bright
I'm still learning to play it
Still learning to write ... songs

Play something slightly more interesting
By that I mean practically anything
Drums, guitar, bass – I'll take anything
More than just vocals, piano and strings

And now we'll take them away
But we'll bring them right back, in a sec
So that makes it okay

And here is Christina Aguilera
She's holding back and it's torture for her
But she needs a hit, so she's slumming it
On the song that put me into a coma
The music equivalent of anaesthesia
This song sucks...




There was a jailbreak in Mexico
Led by two fearless desperados
On the eve of Cinco De Mayo
'Cause there ain't no law and order
When you're south of the border
Just don't drink the water and you'll be alright

They robbed a bank in El Paso
Got away with fifty million pesos
At dinnertime they stuffed their face-os
Those banditos ate burritos
And chased them with cervezas
Yeah, Rodriguez and Martinez had a hell of a night

The Tijuana outlaws took siestas
In their abuela's brown Ford Fiesta
That crappy old car's back-seat was
Great for entertaining senoritas

Rodriguez's niece had her Quinceañera
He dropped by 'cause he was in the area
Sang twenty rounds of Guantanamera
While the burros ate churros
And Carlos ate the tacos
Juan and Juanita drank tequila all night

The owed the mariachi band money
But they'd rather watch 'Chachi Loves Joanie'
We like to lend amigos a hand
But this is nacho land

One last word to my Mexican friends
If this song offends
That certainly was not my intent
But if you like you can write
A song that makes fun
Of people from Denmark
That's where I'm from


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