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(co-written with Joe Lonsdale)


Shona Mona Mae, don't take so long

Can't be just co-incidence that your name sounds like a song

At the break of day when I don't feel right

Can't be just a twist of fate

That I dream of you the whole night through

Yes I do


There's no one else can make me feel this way

No other girl but Shona Mona Mae

I wouldn't have her any other way

I'd give her everything if she'd just stay

Shona Mona Mae


Ain't no other way, gotta stay real strong

Gotta hide the love away 'til the loving feeling's gone

Gotta make a choice, go with my gut

If I could only find my voice, then I know exactly what I'd say

To you, my Mae




There's no one else can make me feel this way

No one but you, my Shona Mona Mae

I wouldn't have you any other way

I'd give you everything if you'd just stay




I once knew a boy named Four Chords Max
Met that kid down by the railway tracks
Said he left home at twelve and he never looked back

A guitar and a smile were all that he packed

That was the spirit that saw him through difficult days

The warmth in his music kept sorrow at bay

And you could hear the joy in each note that he played

Now, there were players more skilled than he

He only know E minor, C, D and G
But he had a gift like alchemy

That very few have and very few see

He would take these four chords and he'd paint you a dream

His poetry flowed like some magical stream

Yeah, that boy Max was more than he seemed

To this day he remains a wandering soul

With a talent that cannot be bought or sold

And not before now has his story been told

I think that it's time he came in from the cold

Oh, but the things he deserves he has never desired

A spotlight, a stage, a chance to be admired

And his story will always keep me inspired

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