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Single 1 - I Hate Thursdays.jpg


If there's one thing that we all know
It's that the weekends are meant for fun
But how can you look forward to it
With so much work to be done?

I've reached the end of my tether
I don't much care for the weather
It hardly makes things better
When the clouds cover up the sun

On Sundays I'm fresh and relaxed
Tuesday's the day when I'm picking up the slack
And when Wednesday comes the week's half done
And by Monday I'll be glad to be back

It's hell how slow the day goes
And when it finally ends
There's nothing good on TV
Not even a rerun of 'Frasier' or 'Friends'

That's why I really hate Thursdays
It's easily the worst day (of the week)
Not even the fact it's my birthday
Could save this epic joke of a day


Friday night never comes quick enough
Getting there's so tough (it's so tough)
But you don't know how sweet it'll be then
Did someone say 'three-day weekend'?


I hate Thursdays
I really hate Thursdays

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