For most of my songwriting career I've written by myself. When I was a teenager (before I felt confident enough to write my own lyrics) I tried asking some friends from school to come up with lyrics for some tunes I had written, but they never seemed quite right. It wasn't until 2015 that I completed my first successful writing collaboration - 'Shona Mona Mae', which I co-wrote with my producer Joe Lonsdale, and released as part of the 'Mae & Max' single.

In 2018 I decided to start a project called 'Write, Co.', a collection of songs co-written with other people (see what I did there?) The first demos I recorded and uploaded were 'Remember' and 'Falling', two tracks I wrote with fans who reached out to me via my Facebook page. I enjoyed the experience and the challenge of putting someone else's words to music. Eager to do some more co-writing, I reached out to fellow songwriters on Twitter and found several who were happy to collaborate.

In between working on other songs and projects of my own, I will be recording more of these collaborations when I can. I intend for 'Write, Co.' to be an ongoing project, so if you'd be interested in writing with me (or if you know of any songwriters who would), please get in touch!

The 'Write, Co.' project

"let's make music together..."

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