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Ever since I was a two year-old kid dancing around the living room to 80s pop, music has been a huge passion of mine (there's actually a clip of this 2 minutes and 45 seconds into the music video for my song "Change"!) When I was ten years old my parents bought me my first keyboard and signed me up for piano lessons. Before I even knew what a chromatic scale was, I was writing my own songs. However, they were only melodies at that point - it wasn't until I was seventeen (when teenage angst reared its ugly head) that I first started writing lyrics.

The first tune I wrote a full set of lyrics for was called "You Knew", a track that I eventually recorded for my first full-length album "The World Through A Mirror". It was a melancholy song about unrequited love - hardly a ground-breaking subject, but it showed me I had what it took to articulate a feeling melodically and lyrically, and it gave me the push I needed to write lyrics for the hundred-odd wordless tunes I had lying around. It's twenty years later and I'm still behind, but I'm catching up!


Back in 2009, Michael Jackson died. He was one of my biggest musical heroes, and his passing inspired me to do something I very rarely do I sat down and wrote a song, music AND lyrics, in about twenty minutes. I hardly ever used to write music and lyrics simultaneously (one usually came weeks, even months after the other) but on this occasion it just poured out of me. I recorded this tribute song using my keyboard and an old microphone I had lying around the house, and uploaded it to YouTube. The many lovely responses I received encouraged me to start recording my music properly, so in late 2010 I recorded my first EP "Pair Shaped", and I haven't stopped recording since! If I had the time I would record an album or an EP every year, but in the past few years I've focused on doing collaborations with other artists, which has been extremely fun and rewarding.


Pair Shaped (2010)

Four Sided (2012)

Fun Sized (2014)


I Hate Thursdays (2011)

Don't Worry About It (2011)

The Yellow Umbrella (2012)

Glass World (2013)

Change (2015)

Mae & Max (2015)

Young & Old (2015)

Merry & Happy (2015)

City Of Heroes (2019) (Youtube & Soundcloud only)

Summer Of Song (2024)

Collaboration Singles

Midnight Queen (with Luna Keller) (2020)

Winter Sun (with Stage Parades) (2020)

Sunny Days (with Jake Haws) (2020)

Over And Out (with Gavin Kaufman) (2020)

Minefield (with Spencer Segelov) (2020)

23 Demons (with Dimi Kaye) (2021)

Kiss The Sky (with Keith Schwartz) (2021)

What Music Is Now (with Vandarth) (2021)

Someone New (with Paul Tebo) (2021)

Song For My Angel (with Meghan Pulles) (2021)

Steppin' Out (with Kian Sparkes) (2022)

Already Here (with Johannes Bruhn) (2022)

Coming Home (with Meghan Pulles) (2023)

Any Day Now (with Ryan Everly) (2023)

Your Dream (with Ellyn Storm) (2023)

Headfirst (with Sean Buckley) (2023)

A World Without You (with Sam Popkin) (2024)

Belief (with OddWall) (coming soon)

Missing Something (with Manuel Galan) (coming soon)

Private Parking (with Alen) (coming soon)

Turn On The Night (with Julie Maguire & James Gallichan) (coming soon)

Take It From Here (with Emily Ewing) (coming soon)

Studio Albums

The World Though A Mirror (2011)

Detrimentals (2017)

Compilation Albums

All Shapes, Sides & Sizes (2020)

Llaborate, Co. (coming soon)

Demo Collections

Out With The New (2014)

Ten Tracks Early (2016)

Coupling (2018)
The Write, Co. Project (2019-)
The Voice Memo Demos (2019-)

Songs I'm featured on

'Let Me Go Now' by Luna Keller (on piano)
'Friends With Playlists' by Spencer Segelov & Great Paintings (on backing vocals)

Albums I'm featured on

Greatest Of All Time: A Paul McCartney 80th Birthday Tribute (song: 'One Of These Days')

Songs by other artists that I've co-written

'It's Not You' by Lucy, Racquel And Me

My three demo albums and my EP compilation 'All Shapes, Sides & Sizes' are available on Bandcamp, and everything else is available on iTunes, Spotify and all other major streaming services. In July 2019 I started a new Soundcloud account for a project called 'Write, Co.', to showcase songs that I have co-written with other people - if you'd be interested in co-writing with me, please get in touch!

Singing was never a great desire of mine when I was growing up. I sang in school choirs when I was young, but for me it's always been about song-writing. I'm a decent piano player and an okay singer, but I'm pretty confident in my ability to write a good tune, and as I've learned from spending the last ten years recording music, there are few things more satisfying than hearing a melody you wrote on your keyboard at home turn into a fleshed-out, fully-orchestrated song. I try to make sure that no two of my songs are too similar in terms of subject, style and arrangement, because even though my style is predominantly pop/rock, I like to experiment as much as I can within that genre.

What kind of music do I like? Well, for starters here's a Spotify playlist of some of my favourite songs. Basically, I like music that is personal, powerful, unique and satisfying, and I'm influenced by many different artists - from legendary acts like The Beatles and Elton John to modern bands like Coldplay and The Killers. I love the theatrical bombast of Meatloaf and Queen, the incredible musicianship of Pink Floyd and Supertramp, the timeless melodies of Abba and the Bee Gees, the lyrical genius of Bob Dylan and Eminem, and the pop perfection of Max Martin and Jeff Lynne. I'm inspired by every song I hear that moves me in some way, and with every song I write I try to take those influences and channel them into something that is 100% me. Music, whatever genre, is a gift to be experienced and enjoyed - I hope you enjoy mine!

- Eric Bay

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