MAR 20th 2020 - NEW SINGLE!
My new single 'Midnight Queen', a song I wrote and recorded with awesome singer/songwriter Luna Keller, is out today! The song was originally written for my 'WRITE, CO.' project, but Luna and I both felt it was strong enough to release as a single. You can read about the song here and you can listen to it on Apple Music, Spotify and Soundcloud - enjoy, and spread the word!
I'm always open to collaborating with other artists, so if you'd be interested in writing a song with me, please get in touch!
JAN 22nd 2020 - NEW SONG!
I've recorded a second song for my collection of 'Voice Memo Demos' - a lullaby I wrote for my unborn child. It's called "Little One", and you can listen to it on Soundcloud - enjoy!
JUL 7th 2019 - 'WRITE, CO.' PROJECT
I've created a new Soundcloud account to showcase demos of songs that I've written with other people. There are currently only a few tracks on there, but I will be adding more over the following months, so please check back!
The 'WRITE, CO.' Project
If you'd be interesting in writing a song with me, please get in touch!
JUL 6th 2019 - NEW SONG!
Inspired by a scene in the new Danny Boyle/Richard Curtis film 'Yesterday' (about a world where all but one person has never heard of the Beatles) I set myself the challenge to write a song in 10 minutes, and I made a couple of videos documenting the process in real-time...
10 Minute Songwriting Challenge Part 1
10 Minute Songwriting Challenge Part 2
You can also view both these videos on the Behind-The-Scenes videos page of this website, and you can here a demo of the finished song ("A World Without You") on my Soundcloud page. Hope you enjoy the videos and the song!
APR 27th 2019 - NEW SONG!
To coincide with the release of 'Avengers: Endgame', I've written and recorded a Marvel tribute song called 'City Of Heroes'. You can listen to it on Soundcloud, and I also made a video for it set to clips from the Marvel films - watch it on YouTube here!
Hope you enjoy it - please share the links on social media!
MAY 12th 2018 - NEW DEMO ALBUM!
In keeping with my pledge to release an album or EP every year, I am happy to announce that I've recorded a new demo album! It's called 'Coupling', and it contains ten songs that I wrote in 2017. Like 'Ten Tracks Early', my last demo album, it was written, performed and recorded entirely by me, and I'm giving it away for FREE on Bandcamp...
Download 'COUPLING' here!
For more information about the songs, click on the 'Coupling' section of the music tab above. I hope you enjoy the album - please spread the word if you do!
DEC 18th 2017 - NEW ALBUM!
It's taken much longer that I thought it would (isn't that always the way?) but my instrumental album 'Detrimentals' is finally finished and on iTunes! You can listen to the tracks on my Soundcloud page and you can read about them by clicking on the 'Detrimentals' page under the 'Music' tab above.

I hope you enjoy the album - if you do, please spread the word!

I found out today that my song 'Long Hellos, Short Goodbyes' from my demo album 'Ten Tracks Early' will be featured in an upcoming independent film! This is the first time a song of mine has been used as part of a soundtrack, so it's quite exciting for me. The film is called 'Broken Hearted', and it's been described as a cross between 'American Graffiti' and 'The Notebook'.
For more information on the film and its writer/director Joseph Ammendola, check out it's IMDb and Facebook pages below...

'Broken Hearted' - IMDb page
'Broken Hearted' - Facebook page


All my music so far has been recorded at Joe Public Studios and produced by Joe Lonsdale. Click on the logo below to visit the studio's official site. I cannot reccomend it enough - if you're a band or a solo artist looking to record your music, there's nowhere better!


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